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The 1500


 The above setting – the all too familiar locker room – is one of many places you may happen to stumble upon a combination lock.

The model we will be discussing today, according to Master Lock, is the world’s best-selling combination lock. This lock model is none other than the 1500:

Master Lock No. 1500

There are many reasons as to why it is the most widely purchased padlock, perhaps the most notable one being its accessibility and target audience. Out of the 1500, 1502, and 1525, the 1500 is the only lock available for purchase at standard retail stores like Target or Walmart. (The 1502 and 1525, as we will note in future entries, are not meant for the layman.) The 1500 also sells for a very reasonable price; it typically lists for around $5 or so.

That is not to say, however, that the 1500 sacrifices safety for pricing, and cannot hold its own in regards to security. Quite the contrary, actually, as this particular lock is equipped with Master Lock’s new BlockGuard® technology, which helps deter potential intruders by preventing any foreign objects from being inserted into the latch mechanism. Additionally, its sturdy form factor and material provide extra strength; the lock is manufactured with a double-reinforced stainless steel body and a hardened steel shackle (for more resistance to potential cutting). Though the 1500 may fare well outdoors, it is manufactured with the intent of being a sturdy, indoor lock, and as a result will not as long as a Weather Tough® in harsh or extreme outdoor conditions; but the 1500 will provide many decades of dependable use in the proper environment.

Another great feature of this model is its compactness and portability. Because of its lightweight design, it makes sense for a student or trainer to select this lock, as it does not add much (if any noticeable) weight to a backpack or sports back. Thus, the 1500 will more often than not be chosen by individuals who want an inexpensive, secure lock on the go.

Overall, because of its versatility, the 1500 is an excellent choice for almost any standard locking endeavor.

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