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Single-Dial Combination Locks

Ever used a padlock for your high school gym class? If you answered yes, more likely than not, you will easily recognize this type of lock (the 1500):

Master Lock 1500

This particular lock belongs to the family known as “Single-Dial Combination Locks.” Perhaps the most widely used class of locks currently out in the wild, many different models and series building off of this base exist. Take, for example, these critical padlock models:

Master Lock 1500Master Lock 1525

The 1502 and 1525

In the efforts of furthering your understanding about these quintessential padlocks, we will be publishing a series of posts discussing each of these three models (the 1500, 1502, and 1525). To conclude this entry, let us examine which characteristics all Single-Dial Combination Locks share.

The most distinguishing factor these padlocks have is their strength in suiting educational institutions; this, naturally, is a result of schools most typically enforcing strict “lock necessity” rules so as to defer potential theft accusations. But, these locks are most certainly not only limited to schools. Wherever lockers abound, such as the workplace or public fitness centers, these models will prosper.

Another commonality between these padlocks is their aesthetics: a relatively short shackle length with an average face diameter; also, because of the institutions’ fancying of conformity, most orders of the 1500, 1502, and 1525 locks select a black dial (there are other colors available, though, of course).

That about winds up this entry on Single-Dial Combination Locks. We encourage you to look out for our upcoming entries detailing the specific features of each 1500, 1502, and 1525 model – and why you would choose one over the other.

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