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Quality Master Lock Built In Locker Locks

Quality Master Lock Built In Locker Locks

Master Lock Number 1630, 1631, 1654, 1655, 1670 and 1671 Combination Padlocks

The Master Lock No. 1500, 1502 & 1525 Standard Dial Combination Padlocks may be the ‘World’s best selling combination lock(s)’ because of their portable versatility, and the fact that they can be used on any locker with a latch to receive the padlock’s shackle.

There are still lockers that require the lock be built into the locker, some of which have automatic locking features, so you never have to worry about the locker being left unlocked; unless it is left wide open.

Since locker doors may be hinged on either the left or right-hand side of the locker, it is the customer specifications’ that will tell the manufacturer which side of the locker the hinge needs to be on. This makes it important to know which Master Lock built in combination padlocks are appropriate for locker hinge orientation. In the Master Lock 1600 series all of the even numbers are right-hand hinged and all of the odd numbers are left-hand hinged.

Master Lock 1630 1631 Locker LocksAfter hinge orientation, the locking criteria for locker application needs to be considered:

  • The Master Lock No. 1630 and No. 1631 (pictured above) are designed for use with standard lift handle lockers and provide convenient, automatic locking.
  • The Master Lock No. 1654 and No. 1655 are designed for standard, single point, horizontal latch box lockers. With the option of spring bolt action for automatic locking, or available as a manual deadbolt.
  • The Master Lock No. 1670 and No. 1671 are designed for lift handle, turn handle and single point latch or box horizontal latch locker doors. These two built in locker locks do not have automatic locking. Instead, the deadbolt locking must be done manually.

The Master Lock 1600 series built in locker locks are all combination and key-override accessible. All of the 1600 series locks also include color choices: black, blue, green, purple or red. The locks come with 5 different, 3-digit, pre-set combinations for a longer useful life of security off the shelf and in the locker. The 3-digit combinations can be changed easily to maintain the locker lock security.

Similar to the 1502 & 1525, these 1600 series built in locker locks are for business and institutional use with necessary end user registration to be provided a combination locks control charts for locker system administration.

When procuring new lockers with built in combination locker locks for schools or businesses, please be sure to double check that your locker hinge orientation matches with the corresponding locks appropriately. The best advantage of the Master Lock built in locker locks, compared to the portable padlock locker locks, is on the fiscal budget side. Built in locker locks do not have to be purchased and replaced per individual student or employee because they are a more permanent installation with the locker.

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