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Master Lock® SafeSpace® Push Button Lock Boxes

Master Lock® has released Mechanical Push Button Lock Boxes. With model numbers 5422D, portable with hardened steel shackle, and 5423D, wall-mount. Comparable to the 5400D and 5401D models, however, these models feature: increased storage space, push-button alpha and numeric locking mechanism with telephone keypad format, a high contrast and ergonomic open-lever allows for quick and easy door release and an internal key hanger preventing key jamming in door hinge. The solid die cast zinc body is reinforced to withstand hammer and sawing, and superior weather resistance, even under extreme weather conditions (freeze grade 5). In addition to the added benefits of ease of use and increase weather resistance, the new Master Lock® push button lock boxes offer maximum protection against attacks with superior pry and cut resistance. To enable or continue the security of restricted access go to and get a key safe.

5422D 5423D Master Lock® SafeSpace® Lock Boxes

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