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Set Your Own Combination – Master Lock No. 175

In 1982, Master Lock introduced their first resettable combination lock, the Master Lock No. 175. On the bottom of the No. 175 lock there are four dials, numbered 0 through 9, for the user to set-your-own 4-digit combination from any of the 10,000 possibilities; providing convenience and security. The included reset tool, K175, is used by opening  the No. 175 lock with the factory set or previously set combination, inserting the tool into the side hole, turning the tool 90 degrees and setting a new 4-digit combination. The two inch wide solid brass case is beneficial for strength and durability against the elements of nature such as rain and inclement weather for years of smooth, rust-free performance. Plus a hardened steel shackle provides additional strength through cut resistance. All of this has contributed to the Master Lock No. 175 being one of the most easily used combination padlocks on the market.

The No. 175 is recommended by Master Lock as Best Used For:Master Lock No. 175Master Lock. No 175 dial

  • Job Boxes & Gang Boxes
  • Utility Meters, Substations & Cable Boxes
  • Tool Chests & Tool Boxes
  • Tool Cribs

The Master Lock No. 175 is such a convenient and durable padlock that it is still a top seller to this day and it has been the base model for other variations of padlocks by Master Lock. One of the most similar would be the Government Lock version equivalent to the 175, NSN 5340-01-112-5151.

Master Lock No. 176 has many of the same features as the No. 175, with the additional feature of a key override. With the K7 key this feature helps to facilitate supervisory access, a distinct difference between the 175 and 176 locks.

Master Lock No. 177, which is no longer available, was a shrouded shackle resettable combination lock. Extremely similar to the No. 175 lock, the shrouded No. 177 provided extra shackle protection. Now, the current comparable shrouded lock to the No. 175 is the Master Lock ProSeries®  No. 1177. Introduced in 2011, the 1177 offers enhanced security features such as: an octagonal boron-carbide shackle with shrouded feature for maximum cut resistance, a deadlocking mechanism to better protect against prying or shimming and the 1177 does not require a reset tool to change the combination. The ProSeries®  No. 1177 is recommended by Master Lock as Best Used For:

  • Utility Meters, Substations & Cable Boxes
  • Construction Sites & Equipment
  • Industrial, Storefront & Business Gates
  • Manufacturing Environments

Master Lock No. 178BLK, is almost identical to the 175; however, the 178BLK has a black powder coat finish to help blend the lock in with better residential security applications. Including, but not limited to: gates, fences, sheds, garages and workshops.

Do not forget, no matter what the security application, you want to use the right lock for the application. The Master Lock No. 175 Resettable Combination Lock provides great examples of how a company’s product innovations can better serve their customers. Please feel free to share your stories about the 175 lock with us.

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