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Operating the Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial™ Combination Padlock

Introduced in 2009, the World’s first directional combination padlock includes Master Lock’s patented technology that is faster, easier and more secure than a standard combination lock with anti-shim technology. The 1500iD uses directional movements of up/down/left/right to open the lock. However, many users have issues with their 1500iD. With this blog, and some help from Master Lock’s 1500iD Speed Dial™ Instructions [available in Instructions section], we are going to help answer all of the questions you may have so that you can successfully operate the Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial™ Combination Padlocks.

Locating the instruction tag with the supplied preset combination for the Master Lock 1500iD seems to be one of the more difficult issues.


Please note that the preset directional combination will vary from lock to lock, so you will want to keep your instruction tag.

To remove your 1500iD from the packaging you will need to know how to open the lock.


The instructions reiterate “IMPORTANT: ALWAYS REPEAT STEP 1 EACH TIME YOU OPEN THE LOCK!” which is the most important step that when skipped will cause any user to be unable to open their 1500iD. Whenever you are going to unlock your 1500iD, be sure to squeeze/depress the shackle TWICE before entering your directional combination and opening your lock.

Now that you have located your preset combination and successfully removed your 1500iD Combination Padlock from its display packaging, you can set-your-own directional combination.


You may want to practice with the preset combination a few times to get the hang of using the lock before you change the combination. Once you feel confident using your Master Lock 1500iD, this resettable combination padlock will allow you to set-your-own combination anytime. Most importantly, after you change the combination on your 1500iD, be sure to write down or record your new combination somewhere you won’t lose it, because no one will remember it but you. You could write it down on your instruction tag or you could also use to save your combination.

Now that you are soon to be a Master Lock 1500iD Combination Padlock operational expert, here are the Master Lock recommended best uses for the Speed Dial™ directional combination padlocks:

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