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Locker Locks – Master Lock 1500 Series Standard Dial Combination Padlocks

“Didn’t you go to school with one?”®

Master Lock No. 1502, No. 1525 Padlocks

In 1935 Master Lock introduced the 1500D as their first combination lock. Still available to this day, the 1500D standard dial combination padlock is a popular consumer side security product. The Master Lock 1500 series combination locks are the ‘World’s best selling combination locks’. It is not the same dial combination lock that it used to be; the innovation focus that the Master Lock Company implemented as part of their business plan back in 1931 has led to significant improvements.

Manufacturing process improvements may not be of great interest to you, the reader, however, the double-reinforced stainless steel body which is built for durability and to withstand repetitive use and abuse is proof that you are getting your moneys worth. The Master Lock, patent pending, BlockGuard® Anti-Shim Technology  is another significant innovation that helps prevent the padlock latch mechanism from being compromised. Providing an enhanced level of security to protect the contents of School, Employee & Athletic Lockers, Storage Lockers, Cabinets or whatever else you look to secure with you 1500 series combination padlock.

Today the Master Lock No. 1502 and Master Lock No. 1525 are the business and institutional equivalent. Most commonly know for their use in educational institutions as school locker locks, these two lock models are only available to institutions and business. This is because they have specialized serial number to help facilitate ease of use with the included combination charts for secure administration of the entire lock system. As easy as it will be for the administrator to manage, the 1500 series padlocks are just as easy for students to use for their lockers.

The Master Lock No. 1502 may appear similar to the No. 1500D but looks can be deceiving.  While they may both feature keyless convenience the 1502 is only available to business and institutions for the specific purpose of the combination charts to help facilitate the lock system administration.

The Master Lock No. 1525 has a keyway in back for supervisory key control access through a master keyed system. This helps save time for the lock system administrator. Instead of having to refer to the combination chart and dial in the 3 number combinations every time locks need to be opened, the administrator can simply use a master key to access any lock in the system.

No matter what kind of locker you are using at school , work or the gym, remember that these Master Lock 1500 Series padlocks are the ‘World’s best selling combination lock(s)’ for the right reasons. You can order Master Lock 1500s and Master Lock 1525s directly from National and International Shipping offered from 3 U.S. locations for your convenience and so that you can have your locker locks in time for the new school year.

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