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In 1971, the Master Lock Company introduced its first gun lock, the Master Lock number 90 keyed trigger lock. Then, in 1974, Master Lock aired their legendary “Tough Under Fire” advertising campaign commercial during Super Bowl VII. Granted, “The Shot Seen ‘Round The World” commercial featured a Master Lock No. 15 laminated steel padlock, but it was effective at substantiating the “Tough Under Fire” campaign and Master Lock brand; while at the same time associating the Master Lock Company with firearms to a much larger audience.

Since the 70’s Master Lock has not only further developed gun trigger locks, they have also introduced keyed cable locks. The original style of the Master Lock No. 90 keyed gun trigger lock has remained relatively unchanged. Known as ‘the world standard in trigger lock design’, the No. 90 is available in twin and triple packs, all keyed alike so that the same key will open all the locks, for the multiple gun owners. The Master Lock No. 94DSPT gun lock has a similar design to the No. 90 as a trigger lock, but the No. 94 has a 3-digit set-your-own combination.

In addition to the trigger locks there are also cable gun locks:  Master Lock No. 99DSPT and Master Lock No. 107DSPT. Please note, of the two cable gun locks, only the No. 107 meets the firearm safety device requirements stipulated in California Penal Code § 12088. California approval aside, both the No. 99 and No. 107 gun locks have 4-pin tumbler cylinder padlocks attached to a 14” (36cm) long cable. The Master Lock No. 99DSPT has a 5/36” (2mm) diameter steel cable with vinyl covers on both the lock and cable and the Master Lock No. 107 has a 0.22” (5.6mm) diameter armored cable with brass ends. 

Please remember that proper firearm safety should be observed at all times. Do not forget to unload your firearm and double check the chamber before cleaning. It is ill-advised to attach a security device to a loaded weapon.

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