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A1100s Dual Colored Padlocks | Product of The Week for August 24th - 31st

This week as of August 24th through August 31st we will look at the A1100's Dual Colored Safety Lockout Padlocks as our Product of The Week. During this week, we will highlight some key features. Some of those features are the product details, the wide selection of color options, engraving, best uses for the A1100's Padlocks, and the different shackle size options.


Product Details

The American Lock A1100's Dual Colored Safety Lockout Padlock is an Aluminum Padlock.  The lock features an anodized aluminum body with a chrome plated and boron alloy shackle for superior cut resistance. The aluminium body makes it an extremely versatile padlock with a number of advantages. It's lightweight, flexible, and corrosion resistant which makes it perfect for harsh environments.

Color Options

Before the introduction of the Dual Colored option of the A1100's Series, there were only 9 different choices of color. Now, there are over 24 different color combinations you can choose from. Mix and match colors to match your business needs by assigning specific colors to specific departments in your business or ordering dual colored locks to match your company's color scheme.

 A1100 American Lock Safety Lockout Padlock


These locks can be laser engraved with company information, employee names, and company logos. If the Dual Colored option wasn't unique enough, get them engraved to really stand out from the competition.

American Lock Master Lock Laser Engraving Padlocks

  • A Permanent and durable method to customize your safety lockout padlocks
  • Laser Engrave information on the padlock face, sides, or back
  • Available in many languages
  • Laser Engrave
    • Logos
    • QR Codes
    • Employee ID Numbers or Names
    • Key Numbers
    • Lockout Location

Best Uses

The A1100's is used in a variety of lockout tagout applications. They are primarily used in the oil, gas, energy, manufacturing, food processing, and paper manufacturing industries.

Different Shackle Size Options

Within the A1100's series there are three different sizing options you can choose from. The A1105, the A1106, and the A1107. The A1105 Safety Padlock has a one inch (25mm)tall shackle while the A1106 has a two inch (38mm) tall shackle and the A1107 has a three inch (76mm) tall shackle. The size of the shackle depends on your specific needs and no matter what shackle size you choose, they all have the option to be Dual Colored and Custom Engraved.

American Lock Master Lock Shackle Height Safety Lockout Padlock

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